Wenegit, a Female Counterpart of the God Weneg?

  • Marie Peterková Hlouchová
Keywords: Middle Kingdom, stela, ancient Egyptian religion, Wenegit, god, goddess, Weneg


This study focuses on a less significant goddess, Wenegit. Her name is attested, as a component of lists of gods, on three Middle Kingdom stelae originating from Abydos: stela Louvre C 15, stela Turin Cat. No. 1534, stela Munich Glypothek WAF 35. The paper investigates these objects in general, with special attention being paid to the enumeration of divinities, and to the existence of the female deity in particular. It attempts to challenge questions relating to the existence of a female counterpart of Weneg, the god attested in the Old Kingdom, and proposes two additional possibilities: a) that the male Weneg himself is the intended deity on the stelae, or b) that the inscription might represent a goddess with no relationship to Weneg.


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Author Biography

Marie Peterková Hlouchová

MARIE PETERKOVÁ HLOUCHOVÁ is a PhD candidate at the Czech Institute of Egyptology in Prague. She holds a Master’s degree in History and Egyptology from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Currently, she also works as a researcher at the Czech Institute of Egyptology in Prague. She has had extensive practical experience during fieldwork activities in Egypt and Sudan. Her main area of expertise is the religion of the Old Kingdom, mainly the sun cult, as well as decorated wooden coffins from the 1st Millennium BC.

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Peterková Hlouchová, M. (2016). Wenegit, a Female Counterpart of the God Weneg?. Archiv orientální, 84(2), 231-248. https://doi.org/10.47979/aror.j.84.2.231-248
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