Early Evidence for the Egyptian God Kheprer

  • Marie Peterková Hlouchová
Keywords: Kheprer, Predynastic Period, Early Dynastic Period, Old Kingdom, Pyramid Texts


Analysing early pieces of evidence for a phenomenon has always been a problematic task and it can be more difficult when dealing with a religious topic. Anachronistic approaches have often been projected in this kind of research, which brings inaccurate interpretations and findings. This paper concentrates on early testimonies for the ancient Egyptian god Kheprer, the deity of the morning sun and autogenesis. It discusses some previously suggested Predynastic, Early Dynastic, and Old Kingdom sources (such as finds of beetles in vessels, the so-called Libyan Palette, Giza writing board, figures of beetles, personal names and titles, Pyramid Texts) that can refer to the existence and belief in this deity. This study focuses mainly on the problematic issues in the interpretations of those finds, demonstrating thus that the only secure evidence for Kheprer comes from the Pyramid Texts.


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Peterková Hlouchová, M. (2021). Early Evidence for the Egyptian God Kheprer. Archiv orientální, 89(1), 1-34. https://doi.org/10.47979/aror.j.89.1.1-34
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