Terracotta Female Figurines from the Monastery of Manqabad (Asyut, Egypt)

Analysis and Possible Function

  • Ilaria Incordino Institute of Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies - L'Orientale
Keywords: Manqabad monastery (Asyut), Coptic pottery, terracotta figurines, female representation, Christian Egypt, pilgrimage center


The project of study and classification of the pottery assemblage from the monastery of Manqabad (Asyut) started in 2014, and has been focused in its first phase on the documentation of the items currently kept in the warehouse at el-Ashmunein (Egypt). So far, 150 out of 245 ceramic specimens have been analysed and included in a digital database, following the data recorded by the inventories of the el-Minya Inspectorate. During the last season (2019), some interesting terracotta figurines representing female figures and small animals have been object of a more in-depth study, in order to clear their function and meaning within the complex Christian rituals of Late Antique Egypt.


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Incordino, I. (2022). Terracotta Female Figurines from the Monastery of Manqabad (Asyut, Egypt): Analysis and Possible Function. Archiv orientální, 90(2), 219-239. https://doi.org/10.47979/aror.j.90.2.219-239
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