Vol. 1 (1953): Berta Krebsová. Lu Sün. Sa vie et son oeuvre.

"Of modern figures who have attracted the attention of the Chinese biographer, Lu Hsün has been luckier than most. Since his death in 1936much has been written about him, and since its establishment of the People's Government he has become, ven more than before, the object of flourishing literary cult. Berta Krebsová is clearly well acquainted not only with writing of Lu Hsün, but also with the biographical and critical material on the subjetc."
McAleavy, H. (1956). Lu Sün: Sa vie et son oeuvre. Par Berta Krebsová. Éditions de l'Académie Tchécoslovaque des Sciences. pp. 111, portrait frontispiece and five plates. Prague. 1953. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 88(1-2), 88-89. doi:10.1017/S0035869X0011456X

Published: 1953-12-22