• Imaginaries and Historiographies of Contested Regions: Transforming Centers and Peripheries in Asian and Middle Eastern Contexts
    Vol. 12 (2020)

    This volume attempts to spur reflections on how political and/or cultural centers can become intellectually challenged by new social imaginaries or historiographies as expressions of frictions within and transformations of particular regions. With a geographical focus on Asia and the Middle East, it examines from different (inter)disciplinary angles not only spaces of intellectual encounters but also visions of spatial (dis)connections, as well as memories of place and displacement. It asks about the real and imagined limits of centers of power and the multiple perspectives on centers from within and from outside. The articles consider emic concepts of center and periphery of the Asian regions concerned as they are expressed, for example, in today’s mediascapes, and they examine historical and contemporary dynamics ranging from colonial “civilizing missions” to current center-periphery tensions. Moreover, the contributions focus on visions of the future in contested urban spaces, while they also consider the differences and contestations between official historiography and popular narratives.

    Edited by Martin Slama and Tomáš Petrů
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  • Mapping Amdo: Dynamics of Power
    Vol. 11 (2019)

    The second volume continues to aim to channel the research on the multiethnic and multicultural region of Amdo, which, positioned at the crossroads of the Tibetan, Mongol, and Chinese cultural and political spheres of influence, has been, and still is, of major strategic importance. Throughout the history of Amdo, representatives of both the secular and the religious communities have engaged in power struggles within their own communities as well as in confrontation with each other. Apart from military or spiritual power, this volume also discusses economic, cultural, and sociopolitical aspects of power as executed by various players throughout Amdo history.

    Edited by Ute Wallenböck, Bianca Horlemann, and Jarmila Ptáčková
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  • Mapping Amdo: Dynamics of Change
    Vol. 10 (2017)

    The first volume, subtitled "Dynamics of Change,” follows the first international workshop of the Amdo Research Network held at the Humboldt University of Berlin in December 2014. Based on recent ethnographic fieldwork and other new data sources, the contributors of this unique volume touch on a wide range of both contemporary and historical topics, ranging from socio-economic transformations and dynamics of ethnicity and relatedness to religious and ecological dimensions.

    Edited by Jarmila Ptáčková and Adrian Zenz.

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  • M. Bárta and J. Krejčí, eds. Abusir and Saqqara in the year 2000.
    Vol. 9 (2000)

    This collection of articles provides an overview, on the occasion of the Millennium, of Czech work at the Egyptian cemeteries of Abusir and Saqqara over the last 50 years. The contributions are grouped by period and range from studies of Early Dynastic sarcophagi to Coptic pottery.

  • Essays on Ottoman Civilization. Proceedings of the Xllth Congress of the Comité International d’Études Pré-Ottomanes et Ottomanes
    Vol. 8 (1996)

    "This collection of thirty five essays from the 1996 CIEPO conference appeared with commendable dispatch. Like most conference volumes, it contains papers on variety of topics. Unlike most, it achieves a remarkable degree of thematic unity visible even in the absence of a common index or bibliography, an introduction highlighting relationships among the papers, or even topical ordering (papers are arranged alphabetically by author). This volume portrays a field maintaining a high level of dialogue around a few common problems."

    Darling, L. (2000). Essays on Ottoman Civilization: Archiv Orientalni, Supplement 8: Proceedings of the XIIth Congress of the Comité International d’Etudes Pre-Ottomanes et Ottomanes, Prague, 1996, edited by Comité International d’Etudes Pre-Ottomanes et Ottomanes. 423 pages. Prague: Oriental Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 1998. ISBN 80-85425-29-7. Middle East Studies Association Bulletin, 34(1), 111-112. doi:10.1017/S0026318400042826

  • Berta Krebsová. Lu Sün. Sa vie et son oeuvre.
    Vol. 1 (1953)

    "Of modern figures who have attracted the attention of the Chinese biographer, Lu Hsün has been luckier than most. Since his death in 1936much has been written about him, and since its establishment of the People's Government he has become, ven more than before, the object of flourishing literary cult. Berta Krebsová is clearly well acquainted not only with writing of Lu Hsün, but also with the biographical and critical material on the subjetc."
    McAleavy, H. (1956). Lu Sün: Sa vie et son oeuvre. Par Berta Krebsová. Éditions de l'Académie Tchécoslovaque des Sciences. pp. 111, portrait frontispiece and five plates. Prague. 1953. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 88(1-2), 88-89. doi:10.1017/S0035869X0011456X